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Posted on June 29, 2016
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fresh oysters plate


Although Dallas is located a good 5 hours drive from any body of water where oysters are farmed, that doesn’t mean we’re not getting an amazing supply of some of the best East & West Coast mollusks to savor!

Whether you wash your bivalves down with a sip of champagne, beer or a gin martini, and prefer a patio to a trendy night spot, or even something in between, Dallas fares well when it comes to half shell choices.

Montlake Cut – Preston Center

Being the East Coast snob that I am, I tend to go for the New England/Cape Cod picks until I let Montlake Cut woo me with their whole Seattle/Portland/North West vibe they have going. This is absolutely my favorite new find; I love to slip in and grab a seat at the bar for a quick lunch or a dinner by myself and imbibe on a 1/2 dozen West Coasters. By & far the greatest discovery of my Dallas life to date.

Neighborhood Services – Lover’s Lane

I remember when Neighborhood Services used to be the Bali Bar way back in the day and I’d sip on mini bottles of bubbly from a straw and pretend I was having a good time while semi-trance dancing to almost Persian EDM jams. Oh to be young and incredibly fabulous again. I digress…

This local neighborhood eatery is such a staple in my world. I love it because I made friends with bartenders that know me by name and both learned how to pour a proper Chilton per my request. Oh and they serve up some of the best briny little buggers that never fail to fulfill my oyster cravings.

Boulevardier – Bishop Arts District

I hate to admit this one more than anything in the world because I once wrote a snarky review about the wait staff being snotty and crass. But I can’t deny that Boulevardier has some of the most delicious variety of oysters in Dallas. And it’s fun to say Boulevardier!

20 Feet Seafood Joint – East Dallas

Where else can you get a half dozen Blue Points in Dallas for $11?? Like nowhere. And honestly, 20 Feet’s diverse menu make you second guess going for the seafood. So go for the Blue Points, stay for the killer patio vibe and pig out on the ramen and banh mi.

Rex’s at the Market – Dallas Farmer’s Market

Rex’s at the Market serves up some of the freshest half shell treats you’ll find in Dallas and you’ll watch the son of Rex (formally of Rex’s Seafood), Beau shuck them himself.  Pro Tip: sip on the white jalapeño sangria while nibbling on East & West coast halfies.

Gemma – Henderson Ave

Show up late after a night out and devour $2 mollusks until about 1am. Gemma know’s what up!

Proof + Pantry

I’m all about saving money while sipping on fine champagne with my friends. Which makes Proof + Pantry’s  “Champagne Thursday’s” a match made in the Dallas Arts District Heaven! While you’re enjoying the Ruinart at $10 for a half flute you’re also grazing on devine oysters for only .25¢ each. Boom! See ya Thursday?

Rapscallion Neighborhood Bistro – Lowest Greenville

Oh. My. Gawd. This amazing little joint is like the perfect combination of New Orleans and Nashville and Savannah and Charleston. Don’t even get me started on the Monkey Bread or their version of SOBA! And they’ve pretty much perfected the Bloody Mary. Hands down. Rapscallion Neighborhood Bistro’s delicious raw oysters are just the cherry on top of this hidden gem.


If you’re asking yourself when I’m going to get to the joints that serve up some Gulf Coast shellfish, I’m not. Because I have a hard time admitting that people actually eat those. But here’s a list of establishments that I’ve heard serve up some exceptional Texas coastal fare that may be worth checking out:

S&D Oysters

Shell Shack

Hook Line & Sinker

Now the biggest struggle you’ll have is trying to taste test all these sweet spots before oysters go out of season. But the real question is, how do you  dress your half shells? Tell us in the comments below, we promise not to judge. But seriously, if you see me in any of these fine mollusk serving establishment, please stop and say hello!

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