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Posted on June 30, 2017
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Once you decide to sell your home, it’s all about appealing to prospective buyers and highlighting your homes best features and strengths and about downplaying the weaknesses.

When you’re interviewing Realtors to list your home, be sure to give them a good Q&A on home staging. But for now, here are a few of my best home staging tips from the outside in:

Curb Appeal 101 – A potential home buyer’s first impression begins before they ever enter your home. If landscaping isn’t in the budget, keep your lawn freshly mowed, trimmed and raked. Potted or hanging plants are a great way to spruce up your entrance; a good hearty fern is not only beautiful but also inexpensive.

Keep your front porch, sidewalks and front drive way swept of leaves and trash. Speaking of trash, keep your garbage receptables out of sight! Hanging a seasonal flag adds warmth and makes a buyer feel welcome, and only costs about $20! Last but not least, give your front door a good scrubbing! Adding a fresh coat of paint and new hardware to your front door is a very inexpensive way to welcome your potential buyers!

Declutter – Once your buyers enter your home the last thing they want to see is how lived in your home actually is, in fact your home needs to look like they just stepped in to a model home. Eliminate stacks of papers, magnets from the fridge and remote controls to TVs and game consoles. Make sure beds are made daily and laundry is hidden in a basket or hamper in bedroom closets. I know you love your kids and you have the pictures to prove it, but your buyers need to be able to picture their family in your home, so reduce framed photos down to a minimum, say 1 per room.

Lighten up – Just a little… Up the wattage on your lamp bulbs during your listing period and be sure to leave accent lamps on for viewings. Overhead lights should be turned off and lamps should be used throughout. And don’t forget about natural lighting… Open your window treatments and let the sunshine in.

Freshen up – Turn the ceiling fans on low in each room and open windows a few inches here and there if the weather permits. This makes your home feel big and airy.

Inexpensive Updates – Replacing kitchen hardware is quick and typically gives your kitchen a new look. Go for brushed nickel or oiled bronzed to add the extra upgraded feel. While you’re at it… replace those yellowed, blah faceplates throughout your home.

Last but not least, be sure to make sure your prospective buyers feel at home with these three simple tips:

  1. Always brew a pot of coffee and leave a note to help themselves to a cup; be sure to leave out a few cups and the fixings.
  2. Swab a dab of Vanilla extract on light bulbs throughout the home to help your buyers relax. The heat from the bulbs will create a warm, yummy “buy me” feel easily.
  3. Play soft music through your stereo or cable music settings, not too loud, but just loud enough to be heard. Remember, your buyers are looking for their dream home, make your home as memorable and comfortable as possible.

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