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Posted on November 20, 2016
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It’s time to take on a Real Estate Myth: Listing your Home in the Winter is a Bad Idea.  As I sit all warm and snugly with a cup of hot cocoa by my fire admiring how nice my home looks decorated for Thanksgiving I ponder this age old myth. Everyone says don’t list your home in the winter months because it just won’t sell. Or, no one is looking for a home during the Holidays. Or, homes have no curb appeal when it’s cold outside because everything is dead. I challenge these naysayers with a bit of experience as well as results.

Besides there are many reasons to not list your home during all four seasons, it’s just a matter of how creative you want to get in the excuses. Spring is a horrible time to sell your home because that’s when you need to get your Spring cleaning and annual garage sale done. Summer is just awful because it’s just too hot to be out looking at houses. And Fall is the worst because it gets dark early.

Now the truth is, you can sell your home at any time of the year if you are working with an experienced Realtor that knows your local market and how to promote your home. And the winter is actually an excellent time to list your home to sell for many reasons.

  • Fewer homes are usually on the market in the colder months (due to the myth that they won’t sell) so you’ll have less competition.
  • Buyers looking during the Winter are serious buyers and usually have a time frame for finding the right home. That’s your dream buyer – someone with not a lot of time to look.
  • With less daylight, imperfections often go unnoticed.
  • A warm fire and the smell of pinecones and cinnamon have a way of making any home feel warm and cozy.
  • Relocating families are looking for homes that they can be in by Christmas so that the kids can start school at the half way point, January!
  • Your yard doesn’t’t have to be the greenest in the neighborhood. In fact the buyers expect the grass to be dead, because it’s winter.
  • Congress extended that Homebuyer Tax Credit until the end of the year and there are many savvy buyers looking right now to take advantage of the $8,000 tax break.

So forge ahead, hang that cranberry wreath on the front door, light the fireplace and even leave a pot of hot coffee on for your prospective buyers because it’s cold outside but it’s warm in your home! Homes for sale in the winter may give you an advantage that the late Spring seller’s won’t have and that’s supply and demand.  So if you’re serious about selling your home, the time of year or season won’t have as big an effect as many believe. It’s all about the Three P’s of Real Estate: Presentation, Promotion and Price.