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Position Yourself as the Best Home Buyer

Posted on March 27, 2018
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Working with an experience Realtor to win a multiple offer home sale

How to be the most attractive home buyer

You hear it all the time, it’s a fast & crazy real estate market. But that shouldn’t deter you from finding your dream home and becoming a new home owner. Besides, your dog needs a bigger yard!

Making sense of the market:

  • Because the average home listing is on the market for less than 23 days, we recommend potential home buyers have their loan pre-approved, their down payment in the bank and a solid idea of when they want to close before starting a home search. Mortgage approvals will set spending parameters and save you both time and heartache.
  • With multiple offers being the norm, prospective home buyers need to be ready to compete and act quickly. There’s a saying in real estate: “If you have to sleep on it, you won’t be sleeping in it!”
  • Home buyers also must be reasonable. The longer you take to negotiate a deal, it leaves the door open for other potential offers. Because until an offer is signed and executed, nothing is a done deal.
  • Everything is negotiable, not just the list price. While you may not be able to bring crazy amounts of cash to closing over the list price, you may be able to write an offer that allows other perks for the Seller. Working with an experienced agent is your best best to writing the most attractive offer, so don’t assume you won’t win. It’s just like the lottery, you have to play to win.