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Davidson Lane Real Estate Group specializes in LOCAL residential real estate, with Realtors that focus their business on the areas where they have hands-on experience.

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about davidson lane real estate group

After 15 years of Texas real estate and relocation experience, Broker Elaine Harper had a vision to create a real estate firm that encompasses the best parts of real estate. We combine local expertise, educated and well-trained real estate agents, and a passion for improving our communities so we can deliver a luxurious experience for every client, no matter their price range.

We are committed to creating a real estate business built on relationships, not one built on the standard transactional style you find elsewhere. By recruiting Realtors that truly love the impact that each home sell or purchase makes on their clients, we’re reminded that the most important things in life are our families, our home life, our friends and the relationships we build along our journeys.

Deeply rooted in the communities that we serve, Davidson Lane is taking an old school approach and adding innovative twists that embrace both our older and more youthful clients that are ready to make their move in real estate.

Davidson Lane focuses on our client’s needs in this ever-changing real estate market by bringing passion and energy to each relationship and transaction. Our proactive approach helps transform the way you’ll feel about house hunting, or home selling. Life is hard… We make real estate easy.